Gorgeous New Batwoman Promo Art Debuts At Comic-Con


As a fan of the Arrowverse, I must say that I’m very much looking forward to the new Batwoman series. With Arrow on its way out, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have another show around that’ll be darker in tone. And now that Gotham has finished its run over on Fox, one would think many villains are now fair game for The CW when they weren’t before.

For the most part, the network has dropped the ball when it comes to marketing their newest addition. At first, I was pleased by the initial trailer and TV spot because they each whetted our appetites in a proper way, but then I was confused by what followed. To be more specific, releasing promos that in no way indicate they’re for a Batwoman series other than being capped with a plain Bat-logo at the end will only mystify casual viewers.

Fortunately, we’re seeing signs of the marketing department getting back on track with two beautiful pieces of artwork coming out of San Diego Comic-Con. Found in the gallery below, each proudly display Ruby Rose in full superhero regalia.

As you can see, the first really does its job by showing Gotham City’s new protector posing next to the Batsignal, while the show’s title and premiere date are on full display. This is the second ad featuring the iconic floodlight in recent memory, but I think the folks in charge should circulate the hell out of this one.

Actually, I’m a big fan of the second piece included in today’s gallery. Sure, the word “Batwoman” may not be found, but there’s no mistaking who’s there – and that dripping symbol adorning her chest does look pretty cool as well. You know, this is perfect for Kate Kane enthusiasts in need of new mobile phone wallpaper.

Batwoman premieres on Sunday, October 6th on The CW.