Batwoman Reveals That Killer Croc Exists In The Arrowverse


Gotham City has finally come to The CW with BatwomanFor years, everything to do with Batman was off-limits in the Arrowverse but suddenly this major corner of the DC universe is up for grabs. In its first few episodes, the show has done a lot to establish that many regular faces of the Bat-mythos exist in the Arrow world, even if there isn’t room – or The CW doesn’t have the rights – for them on the show. Now, the latest to be confirmed is one of Bruce Wayne’s toughest foes.

In episode 4, Magpie went on a crime spree stealing from Gotham’s elite. Kate Kane only found out about it, though, when she switched on the TV while in bed with her girlfriend Reagan. Newscaster Vesper Fairchild was criticizing Batwoman for her absence, which led the oblivious Reagan to quip that she’s heard the heroine was “doing” Batman. A slightly flustered Kate asks her where she heard that rumor, “Killer Croc?”

Of course, Killer Croc previously made his live-action debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad, as played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. The actor did recently rule himself out from appearing in The Suicide Squad though, so it’s possible that Batwoman has the clearance to use Waylon Jones and this was a brief tease that he’ll appear later down the road. Or maybe it was just a fun nod for fans to pick up on.

Previously, the series pilot confirmed that Joker’s part of the Arrowverse and that he played a key role in Kate’s origin story.  Robin – which specific version we don’t know – is also out there somewhere. The villain of episode 3, meanwhile, was Tommy Elliot, with it confirmed that he’s going to transform into Hush over the course of the first season. No doubt more Bat-mythos characters will be introduced or at least referenced as Batwoman continues Sundays on The CW as well, so stay tuned.