Batwoman/Superman & Lois Crossover Not Going Ahead Anymore


Cast your minds back to last May. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sheer unbeatable scale of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” it was announced that 2021’s Arrowverse crossover would be a smaller event between two shows – namely, Batwoman and Superman & Lois. Since then, however, the virus hasn’t cleared up as expected and the former series has got itself a new lead. As such, the planned crossover will no longer be going ahead.

Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries confirmed the news to TVLine and made clear that it’s still not feasible to bring the casts and crews of two shows together at this time, due to the increased risks involved. Likewise, any fans hoping to see Melissa Benoist travel over to Gotham before she exits the Arrowverse after Supergirl season 6 will be left disappointed.

Here’s what Dries had to say:

“We’re not really able to cross over because physically, we can’t cross crews due to the fear of exposure to COVID. So if Supergirl weren’t ending this year, I would say there would be more of a possibility. But I’m afraid that at least this year, we’re not going to be able to tap into that dynamic.”

The original intention was to have Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane and Tyler Hoechlin’s Supes team up for a two-part crossover, following their meeting in “Crisis.” Rose has now left the franchise behind, though, with Javicia Leslie taking over as new lead Ryan Wilder. So, the crossover might’ve made slightly less sense if it had gone ahead anyway.

Leslie noted to TVLine that she would’ve loved to have had a crossover with Black Lightning, too, but that’s likewise off the cards because of COVID-19 and because Lightning is also on its final season. So, we can scratch that dream off the list as well. It currently remains to be seen what form the Arrowverse crossovers will take if and when they can finally continue.

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