BBC Confirms Doctor Who Season 11 Will Premiere By October


Earlier this month, the BBC officially revealed that production on season 11 of Doctor Who had wrapped after a rather long nine month shoot. Of course, this is great news, as it means we’re that bit closer to seeing the Thirteenth Doctor properly make her mark on our screens. The trouble is, we still have no idea of when exactly the new season is going to air, and understandably, fans are getting pretty impatient as we wait to find out.

Thankfully, then, the network’s now confirmed to Radio Times that the Time Lord and her TARDIS team will be back on our screens “by October.” As the outlet points out, this could mean “a start date sometime in September or October,” which is what’s been widely assumed. And though an exact premiere date still eludes us, at least this narrows it down a bit and tells us that there’s not much longer to go now before we get a proper introduction to Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

As for what else we can expect, well, unfortunately the BBC hasn’t revealed a whole lot. From set photos and leaked info, though, we’ve been able to work out the plot of a couple of episodes. For instance, it looks like one will see the TARDIS travel to 1960s America to explore the Rosa Parks incident, while another will visit the English Civil War apparently, as Alan Cumming accidentally let slip he was playing King James I.

We also know that Doctor Who‘s next season will consist of 10 episodes, which will be entirely standalone, as well as the traditional Christmas special. Again, this would certainly align with the September or October premiere date, and as soon as we get something more exact, we’ll be sure to let you know.