B.D. Wong Teases Several Different Hugo Strange Looks For Gotham


Jurassic World actor B.D. Wong has posted the above image to his Instagram page, teasing his upcoming debut as classic Batman villain, Hugo Strange, on a future episode of Fox’s Gotham.

The seven different mugshots are apparently variations on the sinister psychiatrist’s final look, and one will be settled on by the time they shoot. Of course, it’s just as likely they already know which one they’ll be going with, and Wong is just having some fun here. Regardless, it’s still nice to get a look how the producers are envisioning Strange.


Obviously, the first one (top left) leans closest towards the appearance of the character’s comic book counterpart, but there are also a few interesting looks as we move down towards hipster-Strange at the bottom there.

The following caption accompanied Wong’s image:

Which one of these men will be Hugo Strange on Gotham? We may not know for sure till the last minute. But I will tell you one thing. This guy is definitely into gas masks and water sports. Be afraid.”

That’s probably a reference to Strange’s rather extreme “therapy” methods. Or at least, we hope so. We’re still not sure exactly which instalment Wong will make his debut in, but it will be a recurring role.

Gotham returns with its tenth season 2 episode,”The Son Of Gotham,”  next Monday on Fox.