There Are Big Changes Coming For Bruce And Selina In Gotham Season 5


Gotham season 4 put the future of Bruce Wayne’s romance with Selina Kyle in a precarious position. Just as the pair shared a kiss in the penultimate episode, Jeremiah Valeska shot Selina, leaving her life on the line. Sure, Batman lore tells us that she has to survive in order to become Catwoman, but this ordeal could have major complications for the Bat-Cat relationship.

And it seems like it will, as David Mazouz has teased to that there will be some big changes to come for Bruce and Selina in season 5. Her near-miss with death will apparently harden her, pushing the character even further towards a life as the cat-suited criminal of legend. However, that will also push her further from Bruce.

“I think that’s the only thing that we’ve both been waiting on, really. It’s gonna be Batman and Catwoman, eventually. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say but, when we first see them again, it’s gonna be a rocky road because obviously Selina is going to be pretty pissed at Bruce.

Ultimately it was Jeremiah who wanted to get to bruce and that’s why he shot Selina and that’s what put her in this state. Eventually they’re going to be back on the same side, but Selina is gonna be a different person. The way that she fights her way out of a hospital bed forces her to sacrifice some parts of herself and she’s going to be more Catwoman-y, but less somebody that Bruce can be friends with.”

While that’s where Selina will be at the beginning of the new run, Bruce will be following along his own path towards vigilantism. With Gotham now worse off than ever, the future Dark Knight will realize that the city needs something more than Gordon and his GCPD to protect them.

“He’s gonna be out there helping people. At the beginning, he’s going to be very concerned with Selina, because we know what happened with her. So that’s going to be a big struggle, how to help her if there’s any way he can help her. Eventually, he’s going to realize that the GCPD, Jim Gordon has been so desperately trying to hold this light to Gotham, literally and metaphorically. To show the villains that there are good people, to show the good people that there are people to protect them.

But eventually, as we all know, that’s not gonna be enough, and Bruce is going to see that. He’s going to look at people like Penguin, and look at people who are the roots of corruption and the roots of abuses of power and realize that only somebody like Batman can take them down. He’s going to become what he needs to become.”

If this sounds like we’re going to see Bruce’s transition into Batman as Gotham comes to an end, then that’s because that does seem to be the plan. Producers have promised that season 5 will go all the way in showing how the young billionaire decides to wear a pointy-eared cowl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get to see Mazouz in the Batman suit when the show returns to Fox in 2019.