Bill Cosby Weighs In On R. Kelly’s Federal Sex Crimes Case And The Internet Won’t Stand For It

It’s impossible to forget the scandal that surrounds Bill Cosby even after his sexual assault conviction was overturned. It makes it all the more surprising that he was willing to comment in any way on R. Kelly’s current case and become intertwined with similar difficulties.

Recently, R. Kelly was convicted of guilty of racketeering, including acts of bribery and sexual exploitation of a child, along with separate charges of sex trafficking. With 45 prosecution witnesses testifying for over a month, it seemed unlikely that Kelly would walk free. But it seems Cosby thought the case was unfair towards the famous singer.

TMZ was able to reach a spokesperson for Cosby who said that the star felt “The guy [R. Kelly] was railroaded.” it’s possible these feelings are due to Gloria Allred — who represented more than 30 of Cosby’s own accusers — was also prosecuting against R. Kelly.

Cosby’s representative also told TMZ that he didn’t think R. Kelly will actually be sentenced and that he believes racism played a key factor in Kelly’s conviction.

Of course, many people across the internet reacted to Cosby’s comments, mostly roasting the actor.

Though some were angry Cosby was asked for comment at all.

While Bill Cosby won’t likely return to the spotlight anytime soon, despite some call him cancel-proof, it looks like his thoughts on matters like these will likely stir the pot online for quite some time.