Lucasfilm Reportedly Wants Billy Dee Williams Back As Lando For Star Wars Show

Lando Han Solo Star Wars

Earlier this week, Kessel Run Transmissions revealed that Donald Glover could return as Lando Calrissian for a Star Wars TV show that would act as a sequel to 2018’s Solo. This has received a lot of buzz from the fandom, with folks excited to hear that Glover, who was such a standout in an otherwise divisive movie, could come back. Now, in a follow-up video, KRT has revealed that it’s not just Glover’s Lando who may return down the line.

KRT’s Noah Outlaw notes that Lucasfilm is also interested in building a show around Billy Dee Williams as old Lando with Naomi Ackie as Jannah. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker left the duo together, set to go off on adventures in the Millennium Falcon. Outside the movie, there’s been a lot of debate over whether Lando is actually Jannah’s father and there’s definitely tons to explore in a potential vehicle for the pair.

You might think that this would be the same Lando-centric project as the one Glover is starring in, but actually, it sounds like it would be a completely separate series. Outlaw says that the studio is very keen to make full use of Lando as they expand the franchise going forward, though he does cast doubt on this Williams vehicle happening, due to some skepticism that the actor could lead an action/adventure show at his old age.

Of course, KRT’s intel also matches up with what We Got This Covered has heard in the past, as we told you about this Lando/Jannah show several months ago. We’ve also heard that Lucasfilm has multiple Lando projects in development and while the most logical one to move forward with would be the young Lando one, maybe there’s a way to combine the two. Why not have Williams tell tales of his heyday to Jannah?

Tell us, though, do you think Billy Dee Williams should get another outing as Lando in the Star Wars saga? Sound off in the comments below.