Billy Dee Williams Reportedly Returning For Lando Disney Plus Show

Lando Calrissian Cloud City Star Wars

While Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker looks like it may end up a more divisive entry in the franchise than The Last Jedi, those who’ve seen it at least agree that it’s good to have Billy Dee Williams back as Lando Calrissian. One element that works particularly well is Lando’s relationship with Naomi Ackie’s Jannah. Throughout the movie, it’s implied that they have some kind of connection, with most assuming that she’s his long-lost daughter. In the final moments of the film (spoilers ahead) we even see Lando explaining that together they’re going to figure out who she is.

That plot line is left dangling, but our sources – the same ones who told us that [SPOILERS] dies in Rise of Skywalker and that Rey’s connection to Palpatine is due to [SPOILERS], both of which turned out to be true – tell us that it will get resolved in an untitled Disney Plus show about the pair’s adventures. Given that Williams is 82-years-old though they’d better get a move on soon if they want the series to materialize. Working in their favor, however, is that Williams looks great in The Rise of Skywalker and clearly has the same charm and wit he had during The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Plus, perhaps Donald Glover could step in for a couple of flashback scenes.

Despite that, I’d bet that even if the show is called Lando, the true protagonist will be Ackie’s Jannah. Like Williams, Ackie has been singled out for praise in many reviews. The majority of critics have weighed in on the film’s lack of focus and confusing plot, but it appears she’s one of the few things in the movie that everyone can agree is great.

And while most are assuming that Jannah will turn out to be Lando’s daughter, the show could still play a curveball on this. However, when discussing her character’s origins in an interview earlier in the year, Ackie didn’t deny it:

“Lando is a very charming man, so he could have children all over the universe, that’s all I’m saying.”

Whatever it is Lucasfilm may have planned for these two, we’ll certainly bring you more on this Lando TV series as it continues to develop. And given that this intel comes to us from the same sources who also revealed that big Reylo moment in Rise, which has also now been confirmed, we have no reason to doubt it.