Jigsaw Sees A Therapist In First Clip From The Punisher Season 2


Billy Russo ended Season 1 of The Punisher getting his face smashed against glass by his old buddy Frank Castle, and while his face is permanently disfigured, his mind looks to be in a much worse state.

A new clip from the second season of the Marvel/Netflix series shows Ben Barnes’ character in a therapy session opposite Krista Dumont, played by Floriana Lima of Supergirl fame, who tells Billy that she encourages patients in his situation to make masks that “represent what they want to portray to the outside world.” While Billy is already wearing a plain white mask, he scoffs at the idea of decorating it, dismissing the idea as patronizing. “Just do me a favor and think on this,” Krista responds. “What face do you want the world to see?”

An answer to Krista’s question can be seen in the trailer released earlier this month, which shows Billy’s mask altered to match his fractured psyche. But as the character completes his transition into the villainous Jigsaw persona, Frank Castle has an alter ego of his own to embrace, with showrunner Steve Lightfoot recently telling Collider that the second season is “about Frank really adopting the mantle of The Punisher,” highlighting this arc as a central theme.

You can expect things to get pretty ugly between these two old friends, but right now there’s another conflict brewing between Marvel fans and Netflix, with the popular prediction being that the platform will cancel The Punisher shortly after this latest season drops, much like we saw for the third season of Daredevil. If this truly is to be Frank’s last hurrah, then here’s hoping he goes out with a bang when the new episodes premiere on January 18th.