Black Panther Spinoff Series Will Reportedly Be Animated

black panther dora milaje

Ryan Coogler didn’t waste any time announcing the first project under the five-year creative partnership his Proximity Media banner had signed with Disney, and it was one that sent Marvel Cinematic Universe fans into raptures.

A Black Panther spinoff series that would further explore the nation of Wakanda is a fantastic way to continue expanding the mythology of both the feature film franchise and the shared universe at large, because the box office takings and reactions from both fans and critics have made it abundantly clear that millions of people would love to spend a lot more time in the fictional African nation.

So far, Danai Gurira’s Okoye is the only name attached to the Wakanda-centric story, but a new report from That Hashtag Show offers that the Black Panther show won’t even be in live-action. As per the rumor, it’s being developed as an animated offering instead, following hot on the heels of What If…? broadening the MCU’s storytelling horizons.

That’s not to say it would be a step down, but a lot of Black Panther supporters were fully expecting the streaming exclusive to be live-action. Then again, we’ve also head unverified chatter that multiple Wakanda-set Disney Plus offerings are in development, so perhaps the real truth lies somewhere in the middle.