Black Siren’s Back In New Arrow Season 6 Promo


Although Laurel Lance was unfortunately killed off back in Arrow season 4, we soon got a nice consolation prize when Katie Cassidy returned as the Black Canary’s Earth-2 doppelganger, Black Siren. Originally having appeared over on The Flash, she eventually made her way over to Star City to play on the emotions of Oliver Queen and the rest of the team.

To no viewer’s surprise, but to the lament of our heroes, she decided to continue embracing the dark side by siding with Prometheus. Still, that didn’t stop Oliver from seeing what little good may be left in her, hoping there’s some chance that she can be redeemed.

So, with Cassidy once again on board as a series regular for season 6, that obviously opens the floodgates for new storytelling possibilities. And aside from seeing a much anticipated rematch with the new Black Canary, Dinah Drake, it stands to reason that many viewers are looking forward to seeing how she interacts with various members of Team Arrow from here on out.

Recently, series lead Stephen Amell spoke of how Oliver will never give up on Black Siren, but the problem is that she, in turn, feels “nothing” for him and his cohorts. Still, it’s hard to take that into account after viewing the new promo seen at the top, as Cassidy herself hints at this Laurel’s tragic background.

It’s quite apparent that the producers have merely scratched the surface here, with much more to be told in the way of what’s probably a heartbreaking tale. Personally, whichever episode this year is to explore Black Siren’s history via flashbacks is already among my most anticipated, so let’s hope we won’t have to wait much longer to witness such a thing.

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.