The Mandalorian Premiere May’ve Secretly Featured Boba Fett


The first episode of The Mandalorian is now out and the verdict is that it’s pretty good. Perhaps it wasn’t the mind-blowingly original experience that had been hyped, but Star Wars by way of a spaghetti Western featuring Werner Herzog is difficult to pass up. And after the cool cliffhanger at the end of the premiere, I’m certainly going to continue tuning in to find out where this story goes.

Anyway, as is the case with everything Star Wars, eagle-eyed fans have been poring over every frame of the show, and they’ve spotted something very peculiar. About mid-way through the first episode the Mandalorian heads to a blacksmith to get a new piece of armor forged. As he enters, someone walks by in the background – someone that looks an awful lot like Boba Fett.

Cards on the table, I not only didn’t spot this while watching, but as soon as I saw the story I was skeptical. Leaving aside that creator Jon Favreau explicitly ruled out Boba appearing in the show, he’s still theoretically being slowly digested inside the Sarlacc on Tatooine. But then I saw this picture…

You can’t deny that the figure in the background certainly looks a hell of a lot like ol’ Boba, with the colors of the costume and the design of his helmet all accurate. Perhaps this could be considered a ‘ghost’ of Boba Fett giving his seal of approval to Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian across the ages. There’s also an outside chance that Favreau was being sneaky and Boba Fett will indeed appear in the show after all. Regardless, this cameo was obviously intended to be found almost immediately after the series premiere.

In any case, we only have to wait until Friday for episode 2 to be released on Disney Plus and who knows, perhaps each installment of The Mandalorian could have a hidden Boba Fett cameo somewhere in it?