Watch: The Boys Season 2 Trailer Teases Another Wild Ride

The Boys

Earlier this year, Amazon released a little series called The Boys, an adaptation of a beloved graphic novel. The show was a huge hit, drawing in loads of viewers with the promise of delivering a cynical take on those superheroes we all look up to, and how insidious people in power often become.

We got a breakout star with Erin Moriarty for playing Starlight, the only non-broken hero of the bunch, and Karl Urban was as grumpy as ever. We all knew we were getting more, too, after the first season left us kind of hanging, and now we’ve got our first look at what’s to come and boy(s), is it bloody.

Thanks to the Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) currently going on down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we’re bound to be seeing a good chunk of news over the next few days and The Boys season 2 teaser just so happens to be one of those tidbits. From what we can see, under layers of blood and gore, all the major players are coming back, presumably to pick up immediately where season 1 left off. Queen Maeve, Starlight, Hughie, Billy Butcher, The Female…I guess I could just keep naming people, but I think you get it. They’re all returning.

Personally, I really enjoyed the first season of The Boys. I’m not much of a binger, I don’t binge watch, or drink, or eat (okay, that last one is a lie). Heck, I hardly watch anything at all on some days. But this latest superheroic outing really hooked me. I guess I enjoyed the postmodern cynicism of the whole thing. It played on tropes but in ways that aren’t often played up. Basically, it didn’t feel tired, but it is tired of the heroic narrative. You feel me? That art degree is really kicking in today, hoo boy.

I’m also super into their Batma Black Noir character, and I’m glad that he popped up a pretty decent chunk in the teaser. I can sincerely say I’m interested in where this story’s going, no matter how much brain matter may cover our leading man’s shirt at the end of the adventure. Pour one out for The Boys tonight, folks!