Is Brenton Thwaites Teasing Batgirl For Titans Season 2?


Titans season 1 featured a whole bunch of DC heroes drawn from the comics, from the core four Titans – Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy – to Hawk and Dove and Doom Patrol. Oh, and let’s not forget Jason Todd. That’s already two of Batman’s sidekicks on the show, then. But could Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl be joining the DC Universe series for its second season?

It sure looks like it, as star Brenton Thwaites – who plays Dick Grayson on the show – has shared a curious meme on his Instagram account. The actor’s latest story was a photo featuring Robin and Batgirl from the classic 1960s TV series. As the current incumbent of the iconic character, Thwaites could have just felt it was his duty to share some funny Robin content. Or, perhaps he was giving us a hint that we should expect another Dick/Babs team-up in the near future.

See for yourself below:

Prior to the release of Titans, there was a rumor that Batgirl was going to get her own series on DC Universe. However, exec producer Akiva Goldsman – who wrote for Batgirl in Batman & Robin ruled out the idea when asked about it, as he claimed that certain characters like Ms. Gordon were just not available to his team as Warner Bros. wants to use them for the movie side of things. Sure enough, Batgirl is getting her own film, with Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson on hand to provide the script.

These sort of things are always changing, though. For instance, The CW’s Arrowverse recently finally got its hands on Batwoman, after being denied any part of the Bat-mythos for years. So, maybe Batgirl’s coming to DC Universe soon.

In any case, it’s not like Titans is going to be light on new additions from DC lore going forward. The finale teased that Superboy and Krypto would be joining the ensemble in season 2, and you can bet that they’ll have a pretty large role to play in the show.

Source: Instagram