Jason Todd Features In New Titans Promo


Barring comics, video games and animation, the lineage of Robins isn’t something that’s been presented much to the mainstream. More often than not, the layman expresses confusion whenever I tell them there’s been more than one Boy Wonder, so it’s always fun to bring them up to speed.

Though it’ll probably take some time before we meet live action versions of either Tim Drake or Damian Wayne in any sort of production, it’s great seeing Titans finally checking off that box marked “Jason Todd.” And if you tuned in for this week’s episode, “Together,” then you saw the future Red Hood show up just in time to save Dick Grayson’s life.

Speaking of which, next week’s adventure, the appropriately titled “Jason Todd,” will bring us one of my most anticipated moments of the first season, as teased by the promo video found at the top of this article. In other words, I’m most interested in seeing how the awkward conversation between the two Robins plays out.

If you’ll recall, the first full clip released in advance of the series was that of an excerpt from such a scene, showing when Dick learns Batman has taken on a new apprentice since he split Gotham City. Believe me, Jason’s no slouch, as we’ve already found out.

Obviously, I’ve yet to see how it all plays out like the rest of you, but I hope that the Dark Knight’s willingness to take another Robin under his wing provides Dick with another significant nudge in the direction of becoming Nightwing. Odds are any movie featuring that persona is years away from happening, so why not let this series be the first to do the honors?

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.