Jason Todd Rocks His Robin Costume In New Titans Photos


The cool thing about each character to have donned a Robin costume is that they have rabid fanbases to call their own. Strangely enough, guys like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd seem to be more popular as Nightwing and Red Hood, respectively, but the passing of the torch assures each generation has a Boy Wonder to identify with.

So far, the lineage of Robins has slowly been introduced beyond comics, as Jason, Tim Drake and now, Damian Wayne have all found their way to animation. Fortunately, though, Titans has managed to bring someone other than Dick to the live action realm, something we intend to discuss today.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about how Curran Walters had been cast as Jason, as you may have also seen that clip showcasing an awkward exchange between he and Dick. From the look of it, that scene will play out in the next episode to arrive, “Together,” for Batman’s latest apprentice can be glimpsed in all of his costumed glory in the gallery found below.

Based on these images, Jason’s Robin costume isn’t all that different from Dick’s, though a few minor alterations can be spotted. One can only hope that the Dark Knight’s willingness to take another young hero under his wing will provide Grayson another nudge in the direction of becoming Nightwing, something else that’s overdue in live action.

Also of note is the team finally coming together, just as the episode title suggests – and they’ve wasted little time before indulging in pizza. A common complaint of people who haven’t even bothered to check out the show is how it doesn’t feature the characters they’ve come to know, yet all have lacked the foresight to understand this is an origin story about the team’s formation, with each member starting out in a dark place and in need of someone else who can bring them into the light. Suffice it to say, the above photos hint at this being where things really kick into high gear.

The Titans‘ journey continues with a new episode this Friday on DC Universe.