‘Bridgerton’ season 2 scores Netflix’s most-watched opening weekend ever

bridgerton season 2
Image via Liam Daniel/Netflix

Bridgerton season one proved to be an international phenomenon for Netflix when it landed back in December 2020, so there was a lot of interest in whether its second season could match that same level of success. With the Regency-era romance drama’s sophomore run premiering last Friday, the stats are in, and it’s clear that there’s still no beating Bridgerton as season two has already broken the streaming giant’s records.

As per figures revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, Bridgerton season two clocked in 193 million viewing hours globally over the three days since its March 25 debut. That officially makes it the biggest opening weekend of any English-language Netflix original series. The eight-episode season also cracked the top 10 lists in 92 out of 93 applicable countries (those where Netflix announces rankings). Japan, if you’re wondering, was the odd one out.

In fact, this incredible performance means the season is the second-largest debut of any Netflix series, regardless of language. Money Heist’s fifth and final part is the only one to best it, with its 201.9 million-hour opening weekend last September. Bridgerton season two’s success comes at a high point for Shondaland, as EP Shonda Rhimes had three shows in the platform’s top five last week, with Bridgerton season one coming back up to third and Inventing Anna sitting in fifth.

What’s more, going by these figures, Bridgerton season two will surely make its way into Netflix’s all-time top 10 in a few weeks. As THR points out, its already accrued 42% of the current tenth place occupant’s viewing hours — You season two, which earned 457.37 million hours over 28 days.

There’s no doubt about it, then, Bridgerton continues to be one of Netflix’s most lucrative titles. It’s no wonder they already renewed it for seasons three and four while the second was still in production. A prequel spinoff, focusing on the regal romance of young Queen Charlotte, is likewise in the works.