Bring Back The Bugs: Fear Factor To Return On NBC

NBC announces the return of Fear Factor

I was absolutely thrilled to hear this news. Fear Factor is going to return on NBC! There is nothing more enlightening than watching half-naked people immerse themselves in a pool of cockroaches and scorpions, am I right?  Bob Greenblatt, NBC’s new network head, has enlisted David Hurwitz and Matt Kunitz to executive produce Fear Factor with Endemol USA reprising its role as producer.

Though Deadline reports that there is no certainty that Joe Rogan will return as host, we can once again expect teams of two to take on dangerous and downright nasty challenges, all in the name of a $50,000 grand prize.

Word is scant on the future of this hit reality series, but the success of the show’s syndication licensing indicated that there was still keen interest in Fear Factor. I for one expect them to up the ante for the new generation, drawing in new viewers while concurrently shocking series veterans. Will you watch the show when it returns?

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