Bucky’s New Look For The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Revealed


Having already become the biggest brand in entertainment a while ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s quest for world domination will now continue with several high profile television shows. Of course, the MCU is a big selling point of Disney Plus, and with the studio already saying that fans will need to follow along with the TV shows to understand the movies from now on, it looks like a lot of people are going to have to subscribe to the streaming site, whether they like it or not.

As we already know, the first limited series out of the gate is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will be with us next year. The six-episode run will be helmed by Kari Skogland, with John Wick creator Derek Kolstad helping out with the scripts. And with Disney Plus now live in many territories around the world, some new promo art for the show has surfaced online, giving us a look at how the two titular heroes will appear when we see them next.

Earlier today, we got a glimpse of the Falcon’s new suit and now, in the gallery down below (which also includes that aforementioned image), we have a photo showing off Bucky’s new look, with the former Winter Soldier sporting a fresh hair cut and appearing to be all cleaned up.

While it’s not exactly a drastic departure from how he previously looked when we last saw him, it’s still nice to see the character going back to his shorter hairstyle. We’re digging some of the other minor alterations they’ve made to his appearance, too, and this promo image only heightens our excitement for the show that much more.

After all, it’ll be fascinating to see how the pair deal with the fallout of Steve’s decision to pass the Captain America mantle onto Sam and now that Disney Plus is live, hopefully we’ll get some additional looks at The Falcon and The Winter Soldier before the year is out.