Burn Notice Picks Up The Big Show

USA Network’s Burn Notice has added a large star to the cast, literally. The Big Show, a WWE wrestler, will appear on the show. The Big Show will make his first appearance during the fifth season which starts this summer, he’ll show up for the first time in episode four. Screen Rant tells us he’ll play “Griffin Black, a dimwitted thug working as muscle for more dangerous adversaries.” It’s unknown if he’ll appear past episode four or if it’s just a one time gig.

The Big Show is a force to be reckoned with. He comes in at 7 feet and 485 pounds. The guy is a monster. Aside from the novelty of seeing him on the show, I don’t think he’ll bring much to the episode. I do like Burn Notice though and I guess it will be nice to see a familiar face in the form of The Big Show. Wrestling fans will for sure get a kick out of it. And if the episode does well, you can expect more wrestlers to make appearances on USA Network shows.