Cameron Monaghan May Play A Third Character On Gotham This Season

Jeremiah Joker Gotham

If I had to single out one favorite character to have appeared on Gotham during its memorable run, I’m not sure that I technically could. One year ago at this time, I would’ve answered with “Jerome Valeska,” but he’s since been killed off. In his place is now twin brother Jeremiah, also played by the incomparable Cameron Monaghan. Amazingly, the guy’s been able to serve up two distinctly different takes on the Joker.

As Jeremiah leaves sanity even further in his rear-view mirror, it’s becoming more and more apparent how his appearance will nearly identically match the Clown Prince of Crime we’ve come to know via various forms of media. So far, the name “Joker” has eluded the producers of the Batman prequel series, but this could be the season when they’re given the keys to the kingdom.

Odd as it may sound, Monaghan will soon put yet another spin on the Ace of Knaves, telling Entertainment Weekly the following:

“It’s a very strange and surreal thing but on a show that’s as strange and absurd and heightened as Gotham, it makes sense. It’s a weird challenge. It’s definitely not what I expected going into it, to develop one character for as long as I did and be like, all right, time for a new thing that’s also distinct. And then I’ve had to do that again recently in the final season as well — I won’t say how or why but there’s another huge transition for the character too. It’s definitely an extremely unique challenge that’s unique to the comic book medium.”

Of course, those words have prompted some outlets to say Cameron will play a third character, but close examination forces me to say he may. After re-reading the statement a few times, it’s very likely he’s just talking about Jeremiah experiencing another life-changing event like, say, whatever’s set to go down in the episode titled “ACE Chemicals.”

Backing up my suspicion is this other quote from him in the very same interview when asked if there are Valeska triplets:

“Not triplets! No secret other twin. we’re seeing a very linear story arc with Jeremiah. Our point A is where we left off last season and our point B is a huge jump and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Taking all that into account, I’ll conclude the following: either a third character will emerge to become the true Joker, or that’ll indeed be Jeremiah after being put through several more tests. Either way, we’ll learn in the series finale when the story picks up ten years into the future. And yes, Batman himself will be taking part.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights on Fox.