Cameron Monaghan Shares Creepy New Joker Photo Ahead Of Gotham Finale

Gotham Joker

It says a lot about how much of an impact Cameron Monaghan’s performance over the past five years has made that what Gotham fans are most excited to see in the upcoming series finale is not the arrival of Batman but the unveiling of the final evolution of the Joker. Sure, we can’t wait to see David Mazouz finally suit up as the Dark Knight, but most of the chatter in the run-up to the episode is about the role that Monaghan’s Clown Prince of Crime will play in it.

We last saw Jeremiah Valeska fulfilling his destiny and falling into a vat of acid at Ace Chemicals after a scuffle with Bruce Wayne. Batman lore dictates that the next time he emerges, his skin will be bleached white and his hair will have turned green. Well, that’s mostly true. In a, let’s say, innovative redesign of the character, Monaghan’s final Joker look will have mottled skin and a bald head with a few green wisps.

It’s very different from the traditional Joker appearance, sure, but you have to admit he’s a creepy fella and the make-up’s so good you can hardly tell it’s Monaghan under there. For extra proof of that, check out the actor’s latest Instagram post below in which he shared a brand new image of his Joker. Suffice it to say, you wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley and have him ask you if you had ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.

Promo images have teased that the finale will draw from The Dark Knight Returns somewhat and have a practically comatose Joker reawaken once the Batman makes his debut in Gotham. Hopefully the Bat/Joker clash the show has been building up to for five seasons measures up to the hype.

Before that, though, we’ve still got the penultimate episode, which will see our heroes take on Bane and Nyssa al Ghul for the sake of the city. Be sure to catch the end of Gotham on FOX next Thursday, April 18th.