Cast For HBO Max’s Green Lantern Show Reportedly Revealed

Green Lantern Corps

Even though it bombed spectacularly at the box office when it was released almost a decade ago, Green Lantern has never veered too far out of the public consciousness, and that’s entirely down to the fact that star Ryan Reynolds won’t stop making fun of it.

Despite the actor actively telling people not to watch it and revealing that his ideal cut of the movie runs for just 30 seconds, Warner Bros. are still hoping that the property won’t be forever tainted by association. A reboot under the title Green Lantern Corps was first announced in 2014, but like many projects during the early days of the DCEU, it simply vanished into the ether soon after, never to be heard from again.

However, earlier this year it was confirmed that the Green Lanterns would finally be heading back to our screens as the stars of an HBO Max series being spearheaded by the Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti. While we’ve heard virtually nothing about it since, the show has been speculated to focus on two of the many names to have suited up as the character over the years, with Hal Jordan and John Stewart pegged as the frontrunners.

Now, a new rumor has made its way online that claims the majority of the principal cast are already in place, and while it should be taken with a sizeable grain of salt given that it originated on Reddit and 4Chan, the actors in question all seem like they’d be ideally suited for their roles.

According to the leak, James Marsden is set to play Hal Jordan, with Watchmen breakout Jovan Adepo locked in for John Stewart. Not only that, but Linda Cardellini is said to be under consideration for Carol Ferris, with Boardwalk Empire‘s Michael K. Williams reportedly in the running for Sinestro in what would admittedly be a pretty inspired casting choice.

While there’s every chance that the leak could amount to nothing, if that’s the caliber of talent that HBO Max are after for their Green Lantern show, then it stands every chance of finally consigning the 2011 big screen dud to the history books.