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New ‘Wednesday’ featurette reveals how Tim Burton makes us believe in the unbelievable

Burton was thrilled to bring Wednesday Addams to life.

Jenn Ortega as Wednesday
Image via Netflix

It’s almost time to check in to Nevermore Academy and join the ranks of everyone’s favorite apathetic Addams, in the self-titled Netflix series, Wednesday.

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A new behind-the-scenes peek at what’s being called an “extended Tim Burton movie” highlights the affinity of the creator for the character who stole his heart long ago. Wednesday isn’t just Burton’s most beloved Addams family member; fans worldwide have been drawn to the gothic teenager who manages to express so much with nearly emotionless expressions and rhetoric.

Burton expresses that the reason he loves Wednesday so much is a personal one:

“I particularly love Wednesday because she shares my worldview on things, and that was fun to explore.”

While it’s personal for him, it’s also a big surprise to no one that this project means so much to Burton. Showrunner Miles Millar notes that Burton likely sees a lot of himself in the character of Wednesday and that it’s no surprise that she means so much to him.

From the color palettes used to the sets he created in his mind and even the monster in the film that he drew on a sketchpad, Burton is giving us a fresh look at a family we’ve known for decades. He’s taking the delicate nature of highlighting a character that much prefers to live in the shadows and giving Wednesday the spotlight in a way that works for her.

Wednesday begins streaming on Netflix on Nov. 23, and you won’t want to miss a minute of the deep dive into the disorderly.