CBS May Make Kirk Bisexual In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


Star Trek: The Original Series is still beloved, but it’s aged poorly in certain ways – Captain Kirk’s constant womanizing being one of them. Even the Abrams reboot movies kept this element of the character, to some controversy. All the signs are pointing to us getting a new version of James Tiberius in the near future though in CBS All Access’ upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, so maybe a major change needs to be made to the iconic Enterprise captain in order to bring him firmly into the 21st century.

CBS might feel that way, too, as they’re apparently considering making a big change to the character. Trusted insider Daniel Richtman has revealed on Twitter that sources are telling him Kirk could end up being portrayed as bisexual in SNW. “Heard they are toying with the idea of making Kirk bi in the new series,” Richtman writes.

The Kelvin films have already played around with depicting TOS characters as LGBTQ+, with Sulu being portrayed as a married gay man with a daughter in Star Trek Beyond. It seems that Trek fans are open to this further exploration of the crew’s sexualities, then. In the responses to Richtman’s tweet, various users expressed interest or at least a complete lack of shock at Kirk potentially coming out as bi.

CBS officially announced Strange New Worlds about a month ago. Shortly before the news broke, though, a report stated that Kirk would feature in the series, which will focus on Christopher Pike’s (Anson Mount) tenure on the Enterprise. Jake Cannavale was said to be in the running to play the part, but as of yet, it doesn’t seem like CBS has made a final decision.

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