Chandler Riggs Reacts To The Walking Dead’s Latest Death

Carl The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead killed off yet another of its major characters in last night’s episode. The penultimate installment of season 10a, “Open Your Eyes” saw Alexandria doctor Siddiq murdered by Dante, who it turns out was a Whisperer spy. It was a brutal end for the character, who recently became a dad, but there is is an upside to it if you think about what the good Siddiq has done for the community. At least, this is how former TWD star Chandler Riggs feels.

The Carl Grimes actor was on Talking Dead following the shocking episode yesterday. When asked if he thinks Carol would be proud of the man he saved and invited into Alexandria shortly before his death, Riggs agreed that he would.

Here’s how he put it:

“Totally, totally. Carl, when he found Siddiq, he just saw another person in need. So the fact that he brought him back, he happened to be a doctor, and he happened to save all these lives and teach Enid how to be a doctor, thus saving Aaron’s life… I think he’d be really, really proud of the legacy he kind of left behind for Siddiq.”

The manner of Siddiq’s death is similar to Carl’s, actually. Both characters perished around the midseason point of season 8/10 and both came as huge shocks to the fans as the pair didn’t die on the page – in fact, they both lasted to the end of the comic book series. And also like Carl’s, a lot of folks are not pleased that Siddiq’s been killed off, seeing as he was one of an ever-decreasing number of leading characters on the show.

The trailer for this Sunday’s midseason finale teases that Dante’s murder of Siddiq was needless, as well, as it looks like it didn’t prevent the survivors from finding out that he was a mole. Whether he becomes a prisoner of theirs or meets the dark fate he deserves is unknown right now, but be sure to tune into The Walking Dead 10×08 “The World Before” on AMC on November 24th to find out.