Charlie Cox starring in new Netflix spy series ‘Treason’

Image via Marvel

Thanks to Kevin Feige handily spelling it out for us when he revealed that if and when Daredevil returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe he’ll be played by the same actor, we can expect Charlie Cox to be suiting up and reporting for duty as the defender of Hell’s Kitchen sooner rather than later.

The actor has hardly been prolific since his comic book show was canceled by Netflix after three seasons back in November 2018, with AMC miniseries Kin marking his sole credit since then. However, Deadline have now revealed that he’s getting back into the Netflix business, following the announcement Cox will headline Treason for the streamer.

Academy Award nominee Matt Charman, also a Netflix veteran who made his directorial debut on Halle Berry’s upcoming sci-fi The Mothership, created the six-episode event. Cox stars as Adam Lawrence, an MI6 up-and-comer who discovers that his past has caught up to him when Olga Kurylenko’s Russian spy Kara appears on the scene, with their history complicated to say the least.

Louise Hooper will direct the entirety of Treason, which is described as “Bodyguard meets John Le Carre”, and it’s got all the makings of an atmospheric espionage thriller, one that gives Cox another meaty episodic role to sink his teeth into.