Chelsea Handler Brings All Her Issues Back To Netflix In First Poster For Chelsea


Following her candid four-part documentary series Chelsea Does, Chelsea Handler is set to bring all of her deep, dark issues back to Netflix this May with her simply titled talk show Chelsea. Today, the comedian debuted the first poster for the series (below), along with confirming a few scattered details of the show’s schedule.

The gist is that Chelsea will air three nights a week (on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), in 30-minute episodes beginning at 12:01 AM. The debut episode will air at that time on May 11. If just looking at the schedule is making you tired, worry not – each episode will be available to stream if you ever (inevitably) miss one.

Netflix’s official synopsis of Chelsea suggests the structure of a normal late-night series, with a few topical subjects discussed between the host and her celebrity guests.

Here’s the full description:

Chelsea is back with a freshly stamped passport and new global outlook as she tackles today’s tough issues with the same acerbic wit and fearless curiosity you know and love.

Handler tossed the traditional talk show model out the window for Netflix’s first-ever talk show. Join Chelsea as she travels around the world – from Russia, Japan, and Mexico City, across the U.S. and back again to Sony Pictures Studios, where she tapes in front of a LIVE in-studio audience – to explore the subjects that matter most to you.

Yes, there will be guests, and many of whom will be celebrities whose faces you have plastered on your bedroom ceiling (am I the only one who still does that?). But the show will let you see them, and Chelsea herself, as you’ve never seen them before, engaging in thought-provoking, yet hilarious conversations about topics like international cultures, alternative lifestyles, education, health, sports, parenting, politics, and more.

The premiere is less than two weeks out, but Netflix is still keeping a lot of details about Chelsea hidden, and has only recently begun promoting the series. When we hear more though, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, check out the full poster below and let us know what you think about the streaming service’s first late-night talk show in the comments section.


Source: ScreenCrush