Game Of Thrones Is No Longer IMDb’s Top Rated Show

Game of Thrones

A disastrous final season and the emergence of a new critically acclaimed show on its own network has led to Game of Thrones being removed from the Iron Throne of IMDb. The iconic medieval drama was once one of the highest rated television shows of all-time. While it’s still tied for third place with other classics like Band of Brothers, Breaking Bad and Planet Earth, it’s no longer the most applauded series on HBO. That crown belongs to Chernobyl.

The riveting miniseries has not only passed Game of Thrones‘ 9.4 overall rating, but has passed second-place Planet Earth II on its way to becoming the highest rated TV series on IMDb. It currently sits atop its competition with an extremely impressive 9.6, which was voted on by more than 75,000 users.

Though undoubtedly impressive, that’s still barely a fraction of the over one million people who signed the petition to remake the eighth season of Game of Thrones. The extreme backlash the final six episodes of the series received surely sunk the show’s rating by enough for Chernobyl to overtake it.

That being said, HBO’s newest darling is a powerhouse in its own right. The impactful portrayal of the infamous disaster has captivated critics and fans alike for weeks. The pilot aired on May 6th and garnered a remarkable 9.5. The subsequent three episodes each were given a lofty 9.7. As such, the Emmy nominations are expected to be plentiful for all involved.

The compelling dramatization may have viewers reconsidering the cancellation of their HBO subscriptions, too. The cable network is certainly grateful to have recovered nicely from the disappointing conclusion of Game of Thrones, but now will have to come up with yet another universally liked program once the five-episode miniseries comes to an end early next week.