Tons Of Game Of Thrones Fans Now Cancelling Their HBO Subscriptions

night king game of thrones

Game of Thrones fans are an excitable bunch aren’t they? I mean we. Aren’t we?

Thronies have waited with bated breath each week for Sunday to roll around, and each spring every year (except for last year…screw you, 2018) for the show to return. We go stark-(heh)-raving mad over coffee cups and water bottles, and pretty much every moment in season 8 not only broke Twitter, but the whole damn internet, too.

Now, though, viewers of the show are excited about something a little different. They’re cancelling their HBO subscriptions, and having some social media fun while doing it, too. Because why do something without meme’ing about it, right? It would be un-American not to! Personally, I only cancelled my free trial for HBO Now, so the execs’ paychecks won’t be taking too much of a hit there.

HBO probably doesn’t have TOO much to worry about though. They still have Westworld coming back for season 3, Big Little Lies and Chernobyl, among other extremely popular shows. But their heavy hitter was GoT, and given how disappointing this season was for fans, they could see a decent dip in subscriber numbers in the months to come. Considering how a petition to remake season 8 is looking to hit 1.5 million signatures, and even the stars are rolling their eyes at their characters’ fates, the network might want to consider handing out apology Starbucks gift cards, and soon.

Without further ado though, here’s what could only be described as the HBO Divorce Dance, sans Chris Brown.

And for those of you who need a little help, here you go:

Tell us, has the disappointing final season of Game of Thrones forced you to cancel your HBO subscription yet? If so, grab a meme and get to Twitter now!