First Westworld Season 3 Trailer Teases An Intriguing New Mystery


It seems like Westworld is set to pick up the pieces that Game of Thrones is leaving scattered with its controversial final season. And maybe, just maybe, the former is making a play for some of the fans that the latter is going to lose by releasing the trailer for its third run during GoT‘s last airing.

The Powers That Be behind Westworld ratcheted up the excitement level this weekend when they dropped the first preview for season 3 of the hit series before the Thrones finale began. They also confused many in the process, as it’s a rather odd promo. I mean, had you not known that Aaron Paul was going be starring in a mystery role, you may not’ve even know what show the trailer was for. That is, until the last few seconds, when Evan Rachel Wood’s Delores appears.

It’s a perplexing, haunting and certainly intriguing tease of what’s to come, and as is always the case with this particular series, it offers up very few answers and will only kick off the speculation ahead of season 3’s premiere at some point in 2020. It’ll be a long wait to learn more, then, but having Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul join the cast is sure to stir up the show’s loyal viewers, as well as bring in some new blood, and hopefully he’ll play a large role in what’s set to happen.

Given how season 2 left off, there are certainly numerous ways that the writers can take things when the show returns, but for now, we’ll continue replaying this first trailer for Westworld‘s next run in the hope that maybe, just maybe, it’s dropped some further clues we may’ve missed.