Westworld Season 3 Casts Aaron Paul For Mystery Role


While HBO viewers are still reeling from the events of Westworld 2.0, the show’s third chapter is already beginning to fall into place.

Case in point: Deadline is reporting today that Aaron Paul, star of Breaking Bad and BoJack Horseman, has climbed aboard Westworld season 3. Details of his role are a total mystery at this point (surprise!), though it’s being reported that he’s been cast as a series regular, meaning he’ll be joining a roster comprised of Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jimmi Simpson and Jeffrey Wright.

If nothing else, his casting is a testimony to the sheer quality of Westworld as a drama series, which typically leaves viewers rooted to their seats with its mind-melting twists and Western-tinged action. The show’s second season dramatically expanded the scope, too, introducing viewers to the Shogun World and its Japanese-themed simulation.

Perhaps season 3 will explore some of the other parks gestating within the bowels of DELOS? It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility, as series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy begin to poke and prod at the very parameters of Westworld and its cutting-edge simulations.

But as a wise man once said, these violent delights have violent ends, and Westworld season 2 was further proof that, in this dark universe, the advancements in artificial intelligence are matched only by the evolution of sin. And we imagine Aaron Paul’s mystery character will be caught up in that spider’s web soon enough.

Westworld‘s third season likely won’t be with us until 2020, as next year really belongs to Game of Thrones and the show’s eighth and final season. It’s the big one, folks, as the power players of Westeros begin to collide in spectacular fashion.

Source: Deadline