Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Star And Creator React To The Cancellation

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was a fun supernatural romp through a witchy world and quickly picked up a dedicated fanbase. Despite the amount of love for the show, though, something must have been going wrong behind the scenes as earlier this week, Netflix announced that they’ve cancelled it. It’ll now conclude with a fourth season to be aired later in 2020, comprising of eight episodes.

Sabrina herself, Kiernan Shipka, put a brave face on on Instagram, posting a picture of her smiling alongside two gross flesh demons while writing:


Meanwhile, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa made a statement after the official announcement as well, saying:

“Working on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been an incredible honor from Day One. The cast, beginning with Kiernan as everyone’s favorite teen witch, has been an absolute joy. I am beyond thankful to the crew, writers, editors, assistants, and everyone for pouring so much love into this dark dream of a show. I’m also grateful to our partners at Netflix, Warner Bros., Berlanti Television and Archie Comics for letting us tell the story we wanted to tell, the way we wanted to tell it. We can’t wait for everyone to see Part Four.”

He later took to Twitter to post a similar statement, which reads as so:

“Our final chilling adventure begins this fall on @netflix. Hold on tight. So proud of this show, so grateful to everyone who worked on it…#sabrinanetflix!”

Personally, I really enjoyed the first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but for some reason I never quite found the time to catch up with the second and third runs. If, as seems likely, the show was cancelled due to low viewing figures, I feel a bit guilty for that. Let’s just hope that Netflix allows it have a satisfying endpoint rather than conclude on a cliffhanger, as well as a way for them to bring it back in the future if the stars align.

Of course, one of the more tragic things about Netflix cancelling a show is that they’re usually the people you look to to save series cancelled by the major networks. They have some of the deepest pockets in the entertainment industry, so if they don’t think a show is working, then it’s probably gone for good.

We don’t have an exact date for Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina just yetbut I’m definitely going to catch up with the last two seasons so I can enjoy the finale when it drops.