Chris Hemsworth’s Deleted Loki Scene Has Been Revealed

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

The final episode of Loki premieres on Disney Plus tomorrow, but there were so many Easter Eggs, references, nods and winks in last week’s installment that we still haven’t stopped talking about it yet. One of the most notable inclusions was Throg, the Frog of Thunder that marked the Disney Plus show’s first onscreen inclusion of a Thor variant.

It may have been the briefest of scenes showing the amphibious Odinson trapped in a jar with no means of escape, but director Kate Herron revealed that the production team even went to the lengths of having Chris Hemsworth record brand new dialogue for the in-joke, keeping up his track record of appearing in every single Marvel Cinematic Universe project that Tom Hiddleston has been involved in.

However, it turns out that Throg almost had a much bigger role in Loki, at least as part of the premiere’s Time Theater sequence. Taking to social media, writer Eric Martin revealed that we almost saw the alternate version of Thor pummel Hiddleston’s trickster into the ground, in what would have been a sight to behold, if only for the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

“Comic fans will notice the Frog of Thunder in that jar. We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep. 1 of Loki getting pummeled by Frog Thor, but had to cut it to keep things moving. It’s too bad, because Tom was funny as hell.”

Over the course of his decade-long tenure as the MCU’s resident God of Mischief, Hiddleston has hardly shown himself to be against the idea of sending himself up or having Loki made to look foolish, and being beaten into submission by a tiny little frog with the power of Thor would have comfortably been his silliest losing effort yet. Maybe one day we’ll get to see it, should Marvel decide that deleted scenes or other additional footage is deemed worthy of being added to the Disney Plus library somewhere further down the line.