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Cobra Kai Fans Freaking Out Over Season 3 Releasing Early

Cobra Kai fans are loving that they'll get to see season 3 of the hit show on Netflix a bit earlier than expected.

Cobra Kai

While we patiently wait for the third season of the hugely enjoyable Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai, Netflix has graced us with some fantastic news that’s sure to get fans excited for another round of no-nonsense life lessons from Sensei Johnny Lawrence.

As you may’ve heard, the third run was set to crane kick its way onto the streaming site on January 8th, but yesterday, the streaming giant announced that it’ll be here a bit early, instead debuting on January 1st. Meaning that those who’ve been clamouring for answers since the curtains closed on season 2 don’t have to wait much longer to dive back into Ralph Macchio and William Zabka’s ongoing onscreen rivalry.

Obviously, this is music to the ears of many and understandably, fans are freaking out on social media, with the below tweets just a sample of what’s being said right now following the news.

There are a lot more reactions where those came from and really, you can’t blame Netflix subscribers for being so excited. After all, Cobra Kai is one of the platform’s biggest hits and given that season 3 is the first one produced by the streaming giant, after it moved over from YouTube Premium, hopes are high for this new run.

Netflix certainly seems confident about it, as a fourth outing has already been ordered up. And while it remains to be seen how this next one will perform, the New Year’s Day release means that Cobra Kai will certainly have a large audience at home all looking for something to do as they nurse that hangover from the night before.

Tell us, though, will you be tuning in for season 3 next week? Let us know down below.

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