‘Cobra Kai’ season 4 debuts to perfect Rotten Tomatoes score


It looks like Netflix has done it again, as the latest season of Cobra Kai debuted on the streaming platform Friday, and it’s gone down a treat with critics and viewers alike. 2021 kicked off with Cobra Kai season three, the first run of the Karate Kid spinoff to air on Netflix after its acquisition from YouTube. It immediately transformed the show into a global phenomenon.

Season four, closing out 2021, promises to not just continue the hype but also the quality.

With season four now available to watch, its Rotten Tomatoes score has been revealed — and it’s a perfect 100%. On the basis of 25 reviews, Cobra Kai‘s latest season is sitting at a flawless critics score on the review-aggregate site. While the audience score wasn’t quite as perfect, but was close enough, with 92% of users loving it as of press time, on the back of 39 ratings.

This officially makes this the highest-rated season since Cobra Kai began. Season one likewise sports 100% on RT, with audiences preferring it slightly more by awarding it 95%. Meanwhile, seasons two and three — while still acclaimed — are both sitting at 90% critics score, with audiences giving the second run 91% and the third 90%.

This makes it the most critically successful Netflix original series since animated series Arcane landed at the beginning of November, as the video game adaptation is also sitting pretty at 100% on RT. CK season four is certainly much more popular with reviewers and viewers than The Witcher season 2, with its 81% critics and 76% scores. And it’s worlds better than recent flop Cowboy Bebop, which is officially rotten at 47%.

Cobra Kai season four sees Danny LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) teaming up in the hopes of leading their students to victory at the latest annual All-Valley Karate Tournament. Catch all 10 episodes on Netflix now.