Constantine: City Of Demons Will Air This Fall On The CW


Though many of you reading this no doubt lament NBC’s cancellation of Constantine to this day, you have to admit that its early demise certainly opened up a world of possibilities for the character. Had the plug not been pulled, the charismatic demonologist would’ve never been introduced into the Arrowverse, let alone granted a headlining gig in his own animated web series/movie, that being City of Demons.

Much like its predecessor in Vixen: The Movie, this adventure will air in prime time. In fact, you can expect it to debut on Monday, October 15 in the 9 pm EST slot, immediately following the season premiere of Arrow. What’s more is that we’ll get a sneak peek at Legends of Tomorrow‘s fourth season, which’ll kickoff one week later on October 22. And considering that John Constantine will play a major role in the coming year, this chronology being laid out makes a ton of sense.

What’s odd about the whole situation is that the TV special is being dubbed “Constantine: The Legend Continues,” which forces me to picture either Will Ferrell or the late David Carradine being swapped out for Matt Ryan. I really don’t know why the network would do such a thing, what with City of Demons arriving on Blu-ray and DVD six days prior on October 9, but maybe they just want to assure the casual viewer of this being a continuation of what came before.

Constantine: City of Demons

Come to think of it, this forces one to wonder if indeed Freedom Fighters: The Ray will air in prime time at some point, but that ship may have sailed since it’s technically a “Crisis on Earth-X” tie in. Speculation aside, know that you can check out our review here.

Tell us, will you be tuning in this October for Constantine: City of Demons, The Legend Continues, or whatever you want to call it? Sound off in the usual place below!