Constantine Will Flirt With Citizen Cold On Legends Of Tomorrow


At the end of Legends of Tomorrow‘s midseason finale, Matt Ryan turned up on the Waverider, making his first appearance in the Arrowverse since his guest spot on Arrow in 2015. Obviously, fans are ecstatic to have the Hellblazer on board the time machine as we’ve been promised that the show will portray him more in line with the iconic comic book character, including giving him back his chain-smoking habit and exploring his bisexuality.

Thanks to Collider’s chat with the cast, we now have a better idea of how Constantine will gel with the Legends when the show returns with episode 10, “Daddy Darhkest.” In particular, Dominic Purcell – who plays Mick Rory AKA Heatwave – has revealed that Constantine will get flirty with one of the crew. Namely, Wentworth Miller’s Citizen Cold, Snart’s doppelganger from Earth-X who joined the team during the recent Arrowverse crossover.

Purcell explained:

“Well, Trenchcoat has just arrived and I’ve only had one scene with him, and that was last week. He was hitting on Wentworth’s character. Isn’t Constantine bisexual? And it was all too much for Rory, so he just kind of walked out. Wentworth’s character now — what’s Wentworth’s character now? It’s not Captain Cold! Citizen Cold! So Citizen Cold is different to Captain Cold. Completely different.

So Rory watching Citizen Cold and Trenchcoat flirt with one another was like too much for Rory, so he just fucking got out of there. That’s what I remember doing. It’s all too much! Too much information! Which makes it really funny. The scene is hysterical. We were all just on the floor laughing, so it’s all done in good fun.”

The rest of the cast were also on hand to tease what else Constantine brings to the series. Maisie Sellers-Richardson called him a “completely different male presence than what we’ve had on the show,” while Tala Ashe explained that the occult detective may be able to help Zari learn more about her mystical amulet. Brandon Routh, meanwhile, revealed that Ray and John share a “fun scene” together (which we’ve already seen a glimpse of).

Finally, Waverider captain Caity Lotz touched on how Sara and Constantine bounce off of each other. The pair have obviously met before, with John saving Sara’s soul after she was resurrected via the Lazarus Pit in Arrow season 4. In Legends of Tomorrow, though, Lotz thinks you can call them “friends.”

“I’ve gotten to work with Matt before on Arrow, but I think I was pretty much possessed the whole time. He is a fabulous actor. We had so much fun on set. [Constantine] is like this really cocky guy who thinks he is the ish. I think Sarah throws him for a loop because he thinks he is all impressive but then she is like (makes attack noises) takes everybody down. Yeah, I think they are friends. They like each other.”

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 returns to The CW sometime in February.