Constantine’s Fate Will Be Decided In May



The fate of NBC’s Constantine has been hanging in the balance, and will have to remain hanging for just a little bit longer. According to showrunner Daniel Cerone, the future of the low-rated series will not be decided until May.

In a recent batch of Tweets in reply to fans’ questions, Cerone made it clear that Constantine is not dead yet, but it is still in danger. NBC will not make a decision about whether to grant the show a second season, or even a limited number of future episodes, until they have seen the new pilots for other series in May. This grants Constantine a reprieve of sorts, as Cerone encourages fans of the show to watch available episodes online. He also hopes to make the entire 13-episode series available for free online, which means that viewers who have not seen or wish to re-watch the show will have more impetus to do so.

Constantine had fairly good numbers for its season finale last Friday, but it is still hardly a major success. Some of this has been blamed on the show’s inauspicious Friday night time-slot, and some on the usual growing pains of a show in its first season. While there was some talk that Constantine might find a home on NBC Universal’s Syfy network, those rumors were squashed a few days ago. So far it appears that Constantine will either be granted another chance by NBC, or the show will end.

Fans will have to wait to find out what happens to Constantine in May. Until then, Cerone encourages fans of the show to watch available episodes and make some buzz about Constantine on social media. Fan passion could make the difference for NBC’s eventual decision, so be sure to support the show if you enjoy it.

Source: Screen Gonzo

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