Here’s How Tatiana Maslany Could Look In The MCU’s She-Hulk Show


I’m really looking forward to the Disney+ She-Hulk show. Once upon a time, I thought the idea of the character was a bit silly, but then I read Dan Slott’s Single Green Female comic book arc from the mid-2000s that saw Jennifer Walters balance superheroism with Marvel Universe legal battles. Those comics had a great sense of humor and I’m hoping that the upcoming series captures some of that same tone.

Last week saw Marvel Studios announce Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk, which has set off a wave of speculative fan art as to how she’ll look when greened up. BossLogic had a go with an incredible piece showing a muscular take on the character flexing her arms, and now Spdrmnkyxxiii has had a shot with a somewhat more slimmed down version, and you can check it out in the gallery below (along with BossLogic’s version).

I have to admit that I prefer BossLogic’s take. Spdrmnkyxxiii’s She-Hulk looks in great shape, but she doesn’t quite have the ‘Hulk’ dimensions she needs. One of the coolest things about the hero is the way she stands out from other superheroines by not being a slender waif, so she needs to look like she can twist an enemy in two or punch right through a brick wall.

Right now, we don’t know too much about Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ plans for the series, but along with Maslany, we have Rick & Morty‘s Jessica Gao as showrunner, with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Brooklyn 99 director Kat Coiro on board as well. If everything’s coming into place, I’d like to think the project will go in front of the cameras sometime in early 2021. Unless there are further COVID-19 lockdowns, there’s a slim chance we might see it before the end of next year, but 2022 is probably more likely.

Still, I can’t wait to get the first official photo of Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk. I feel like she’s going to become an instant MCU icon.