‘Cowboy Bebop’ writer says fans are missing out after cancellation


Netflix doesn’t mess around when it comes to canceling shows that aren’t proving to be as popular or successful as the company were hoping, something that Cowboy Bebop discovered when the anime adaptation was canned just three weeks after the first and now only season dropped.

While the critical reactions are never a defining factor in whether or not a series survives, a tepid reception from fans indicated that not only did the live-action version fail to appeal to those with an affinity for the source material, but it didn’t do a particularly great job drawing in new ones, either.

Suffice to say, there’s not a massive amount of people demanding that Netflix reverses the decision as can often be the case when a project based on a popular property is kicked to the curb, but writer Naomi Markman has taken to Twitter to say that the fans are missing out on what would have been an explosive Season 2.

If audiences weren’t all that enamored with the first run of Cowboy Bebop, it’s questionable whether or not a hypothetical Season 2 would have gotten them on board, and it looks as though we’ll never find out after the big budget sci-fi became Netflix’s latest high-profile one-and-done casualty.