Creepy Walking Dead Season 10B Clip Teases The Whisperers On The Warpath

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead finally returns this month for the second half of its tenth season and much of the marketing for season 10B has focused on the continuing threat of Alpha and her Whisperers and how it could intensify in the coming episodes. And this choice of clip is no different.

Running at only 15 seconds long, the footage sees a group of Whisperers decreeing a creepy chant as they walk amongst a herd of zombies. “We are the end of the world,” they say, with Samantha Morton’s Alpha at their head. “We take them all.” The Walking Dead‘s official Twitter account shared the clip on social media as well, remarking in their caption that “The Whisperers are not going to stay silent…”

If you’ll recall, a new twist to the storyline was added before the winter break, which saw Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) escape from his Alexandrian cell and defect to the Whisperers. A previous trailer revealed that the former Savior will become part of the cult, even donning his own walker face-mask. An old big bad teaming up with the current one might look like things have gone from bad to worse for the survivors, then, but actually it might work out for them in the long run.

As multiple fans are commenting in the replies to this tweet, Alpha placing any trust in Negan spells her undoing in the comics, with the villain ultimately turning the tables on her and beheading Alpha. Obviously, the TV show always plays things out differently from the source material – Negan never got a skin-mask in the comics, for instance – but everyone is expecting something similar to unfold over season 10B regardless.

The Walking Dead: 10×09 “Squeeze” airs on AMC in exactly three weeks to the day, on Sunday, February 23rd. Don’t miss it.