The Walking Dead Season 10B Trailer Teases Negan’s Creepy New Look


We’ve still got another month to go until it returns, but AMC renewed the hype by releasing another promo for The Walking Dead season 10B yesterday and it features a major reveal that you might have missed. Specifically, it dropped the bombshell that Negan will get himself a new creepy look in the upcoming second half of the season. You can probably guess what that look is, too. Yup, the former Savior leader is going to don a Whisperer mask.

The old big bad escaped his cell in season 10A, with the help of a mysterious benefactor, and ventured off into enemy territory. He was obviously captured by the Whisperers, but then turned the tables when he pledged loyalty to Alpha and her kind. The group are clearly suspicious of him, but it seems that in time Negan will be accepted as part of their pack and be given a walker-skin mask.

Check out the relevant screenshot below to see for yourself. We’re pretty sure that’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan under there:

This makes a change from the comic book storyline. Negan does likewise defect to the Whisperers in Robert Kirkman’s source material, but Alpha tells him he has to “earn” himself a skin suit. This is something he never does as it’s soon revealed that he has his own plans at work. The fact that he becomes part of the group tells us things will play out a little differently on the TV show, so it remains to be seen whether that big Negan/Alpha twist will occur on screen.

In any case, season 10B is likely going to mine a lot from the ambiguity over Negan’s true loyalties, given the overriding themes of paranoia and distrust that have been running through this latest batch of episodes. And we’ll get to see how it all plays out once The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its midseason premiere, episode 10×9 “Squeeze,” on Sunday, February 23rd.