Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3 Cliffhanger Ending Explained

Crisis On Infinite Earths

With the conclusion of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 3 on this week’s episode of The Flash and the cliffhanger ending that led to the destruction of almost all life in existence, we can be sure that the multiverse will never be the same.

The Crisis is a colossal event, so great in scale and depth that cramming it into a five-hour crossover seemed like an ambitious and even impossible undertaking, but somehow, The CW is managing to bring the story to a conclusive end. But still, there are a lot of confusing and fast-paced sequences that need to take the narrative forward, and for those of you who’ve had a difficult time catching up with everything that happened last night, here’s a quick recap of the events that led to the cliffhanger finale.

Part 3 of “Crisis” saw our heroes look for the remaining three Paragons to unite against the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, Barry Allen and his team tracked down the source of the anti-matter energy wave and attempted to destroy it, where the Flash from Earth-90 sacrificed himself so that Barry could live. The seven Paragons returned to the Waverider only to find Lyla/Harbinger come back after mysteriously disappearing at the end of Part 2. Lyla’s eyes then turned white as she gave control over to the Anti-Monitor. The villain then proceeded to kill the Monitor and destroy Earth-1. Following this, Nash Wells (now known as Pariah) teleported the seven Paragons to the Vanishing Point, where they’d be safe from the Anti-Monitor’s influence.

After appearing at the Vanishing Point, Earth-96 Superman started to disintegrate and ended up morphing into Lex Luthor. With six Paragons and a villain, the heroes must now find a way to redo everything and stop the Anti-Monitor.

The episode also revealed Oliver Queen as the Spectre in a surprising revelation. The Spectre is a cosmic being much like the Monitor who in the comic series helps the heroes travel back in time and face the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of existence. So, it would stand to reason that the Green Arrow (now an all-powerful god) is ultimately the key to defeating the villain once and for all, as was promised last year.

There’s obviously more to the story though and there’ll be many other shocking twists as “Crisis on Infinite Earths” concludes after a short break on January 14th, with the eighth episode of Arrow and the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. Don’t miss it.