New Crisis On Infinite Earths Photos Tease A Superman Showdown


After a year of waiting since The CW first promised us the crossover was on its way, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is finally due to kick off this very week. Earlier today, we got the final trailer for the five-part event and now these new images from the biggest DC TV treat we’ve ever had have come our way, too. By this point, we’ve got a good idea about what team-ups we can expect between the mismatched heroes, but there’s still at least one big surprise revealed in the gallery below.

Namely, that Brandon Routh’s Superman will not get along with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. At least, not at first. Previous pics have shown the two Men of Steel having a tense conversation in the Routh version’s office at The Daily Planet (he’s Editor-In-Chief now), but this new photo reveals that Routh-Supes will go so far as to choke Hoechlin-Supes upon first meeting. Well, I guess it would be pretty weird to encounter a double of yourself from another Earth. Especially if you were the cranky, dark Kingdom Come Superman.

What’s more, another pic features Batman and Batwoman coming face to face. Kevin Conroy will be making his live-action debut as Bruce Wayne in “Crisis,” after voicing the character for decades. Specifically, he’ll be the Kingdom Come Bats, too. In between Bruce and Kate, we can see a dusty Batsuit. Wayne doesn’t seem too keen on the conversation he’s having with his cousin (from another dimension), either. Maybe he’s reluctant to do some hero work again.

Elsewhere, Smallville‘s Tom Welling and Erica Durance are back on the Kent farm. These images reaffirm our belief that the duo will only show up in scenes set on this location and won’t interact with all the heroes. Oh well, it’ll still be a thrill to have the two stars back as Clark and Lois for the first time since 2011. Other pics, meanwhile, showcase Green Arrow and his daughter Mia, Supergirl at the DEO and the Flashes of two worlds (Earth-1 and Earth-90).

Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins with a Supergirl/Batwoman double-bill this Sunday, December 8th on The CW.

Source: TV Insider