The CW To Re-Air Crisis On Infinite Earths During Coronavirus Shutdown


The coronavirus has caused the shutdown of TV production, meaning that most TV shows will be going on indefinite hiatus until things have calmed down and people’s safety can be assured. To partially bridge the gap until normal service is resumed, the ultimate Arrowverse crossover “Crisis On Infinite Earths” will be re-airing in its entirety, and thankfully this time, without a month’s break between episodes just as things get to their most intense.

The five-episode event kicks off (again) on Tuesday April 7th, with the first part (Supergirl) seeing a universe-obliterating antimatter wave destroy numerous worlds of previous DC adaptations, before finding its way to Earth-38 and the assembled heroes doing all they can to hold back the forces of the Anti-Monitor and evacuate the planet. It then continues with part 2 (Batwoman), which begins the search for the seven Paragons who are prophesied to be able to turn the tide against the encroaching apocalypse, including an older Bruce Wayne and a Superman who has lost everything.

The crossover continues on Wednesday the 8th with part 3 (The Flash), where Barry and co. attempt to destroy the source of the antimatter wave along with the Flash of Earth-90, and Oliver’s soul is attempted to be retrieved from purgatory.

Thursday the 9th then begins part 4 (Arrow), where the origins of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor are revealed, and the Paragons battle the Anti-Monitor and his army of shadow demons at the dawn of time, until Oliver, now imbued with the power of the Spectre, reboots the universe. Things also finish this night with part 5 (Legends of Tomorrow), where the new world is once again invaded by the Anti-Monitor (and, briefly, a rampaging kaiju Beebo) and the heroes reunite to stop him once and for all.

It’s going to be some time before our TV screens are once again blessed by uninterrupted new episodes of our favorite shows, but until then, reliving the likes of “Crisis On Infinite Earths” will at least remind us that we will eventually have something to look forward to.