DC Fans Are Loving Beebo’s Cameo In Crisis On Infinite Earths


The Arrowverse crossovers have increasingly become a homogenized affair, with it being largely irrelevant which show each part of them is an episode of. However, every now and then the appearance or emphasis of something reminds you which one you’re watching, and in the case of the final part of “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” it technically being a Legends of Tomorrow episode was hammered home by the return of the one and only Beebo.

Although Legends of Tomorrow began as something relatively serious, it soon embraced the lunacy of its premise, and few things have embodied this more than the running joke of Beebo. Here he took a giant-sized form trampling through Star City like an adorable kaiju, and was a creation of the relatively obscure mystic Sargon the Sorcerer as a distraction so he could knock off a bank’s safety deposit boxes.

Fans were reliably delighted by the cameo, too, as seen below:

The fuzzy blue talking… doll… thing… was first introduced as a MacGuffin in season 3 episode “Beebo the God of War” as a legally distinct hybrid of a Tickle Me Elmo and a Furby. A young Martin Stein acquires one as a Hanukkah present for his daughter, only to become displaced in time to 1000 AD, whereupon a clan of Vikings adopt it as a totem of worship and become inspired to conquer North America.

He returns in the season’s finale “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly” when the team use the assembled Zambesi totems to transform into a gargantuan battle-ready version of the creature to fight the unleashed might of the demon Mallus, and just reading that sentence does not do justice to how magnificently ludicrous the sequence is.

This may also not be the last we’ve seen of him, either, as the latest trailer for the new season of Legends of Tomorrow finished with a familiar echo of “I lu-lu-love you,” suggesting that the cute furball might yet return to play havoc with our heartstrings once more following his “Crisis on Infinite Earths” cameo.