Crisis On Infinite Earths BTS Photo Teases Battle With Anti-Monitor

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths” is coming this winter, with the heroes of the Arrowverse uniting alongside various faces from other DC franchises in order to save the multiverse. But what’s caused this threat to all existence? As per the original comic book event, it’s all to do with the conflict between the Monitor, the cosmic being tasked with bringing balance to the universe, and his evil twin the Anti-Monitor, set on destroying it.

LaMonica Garrett has already played the Monitor throughout the Arrowverse over the past year, but he’ll be on double duty in “Crisis” as the Anti-Monitor, too. Due to the duo’s rivalry, he may even have to face off against himself. In fact, the actor has just teased this cosmic clash on his Twitter account, with a hilarious BTS image from filming on the crossover.

The pic captures Garrett in full costume and creepy make-up as the Anti-Monitor, grabbing a screen with his hands. “‘I hate this monitor’,” the star puns in his caption. “A Crisis is coming… Dec.8th.”

The Monitor himself is not exactly the nicest all-powerful entity around, but his counterpart is even worse. In the comics, the Anti-Monitor is released into the universe by the experiments of the human scientist Pariah. In the Arrowverse version, Pariah will be another doppelganger of Harrison Wells, doomed to hop through the dimensions witnessing the destruction his mistake has wrought.

We’ve previously seen set pics from filming that hint at the enormous battle to come between the multiverse’s heroes and the Anti-Monitor, with the good guys racing at him and giving it all they’ve got. But is this the big finale of the crossover, or does the moldy-faced maniac meet his end another way?

Find out when, like the Monitor says, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on The CW from December 8th.