First Official Look At Tom Cavanagh’s Pariah In Crisis On Infinite Earths Revealed

Crisis on Infinite Earths

A new official character poster has arrived online for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The previous two have highlighted familiar Arrowverse faces in new guises – specifically, Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman and Audrey Marie Anderson as Harbinger. The third one though sees Tom Cavanagh suit up as Pariah, his latest character who’ll play a major role in the crossover event.

The poster, which comes to us via KSiteTV, reveals the Flash actor’s costume for “Crisis.” Fans who know the original comic book will recognize that this outfit’s very faithful to the character from the source material and so far, it looks great.

See for yourself down below:

On the page, Kell Mossa’s a scientist from another Earth whose unorthodox experiments result in the release of the Anti-Monitor, who goes on a multiversal rampage, wiping out every universe he finds. Taking the name Pariah, Mossa is given the power to traverse alternate universes, being forced to watch them die. As it sounds, Pariah is a complex but sympathetic character, who should provide another great role for Cavanagh to sink his teeth into.

“For Tom to play such a pivotal character,” The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased back at Comic-Con over the summer, “it’s just going to tear your guts out and make you cry.” He revealed that Pariah will show up right at the end of the first half of season 6 as well, which will directly lead into the “Crisis” crossover.

Cavanagh is also due to return to the regular cast of The Flash quite soon as yet another new version of Harrison Wells. His identity has yet to be revealed, but the trailers have told us that, in the words of Cisco, he’s “another angry one.” It’s been teased that this Wells has a big, dark secret, too, which will be revealed over the course of the first half.

Crisis on Infinite Earths,” meanwhile, is shooting now and launches on The CW on December 8th.